Green & Clean India

Love the earth: it’s the only one we’ve got.

Are we running out of time ? Rise and act before it is too late! Scientific evidence today, confirms that humanity’s demand on the planet’s living resources now exceeds its regenerative capacity by a wide margin. World Bodies, Government Departments, NGOs and the Corporate Community are collectively brainstorming to find the solution to this critical problem. The National Mission for a Green India recognizes that climate change phenomena will seriously affect and alter the distribution, type and quality of natural resources of the country and the associated livelihoods of the people. It acknowledges the influences that the forestry sector has on environmental amelioration through climate mitigation, food security, water security, biodiversity conservation and livelihoodsecurity of forest dependent communities.


In India, people living below the poverty line are particularly vulnerable to the disasters of climate change. There is an urgent need to create environmental awareness of the global warming phenomena and take the proactive step to go green.


Mahavir International is the only leading NGO in India which envisioned that one of the best ways to start a big movement and get everyone on board is by setting the standards and showing people they are willing to make the changes needed to go green!


We started theGreen India Tree plantation project in India in 2011. The maiden year target was to plant 2 lakh trees and we can proudly say that the enthusiasm and motivation of our members helped us achieve this target with ease and exceed it by successfully planting 2.5 lakh trees. This year it is our mission to plant 5 lakh trees in one year. Our efforts are focused upon planting millions of trees by creating public awareness about concern for global warming, healthy living, water conservation, carbon footprints and importance of a clean environment.


Project Highlights :

1. To plant 5 lac shadow giving  plants mainly in the dry areas of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh ,
MP, Gujarat, AP, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
2. To plant 2 lac of trees in Hospitals, Educational institutes, Government Offices, Centres of worship, and cattle grazing land.
3. To plant 3 lac trees on both sides of the highways and city roads, and installing 9 feet tree guards to protect them.
4. As a natural offshoot to this, water harvesting  will also be taken up. Mahavir international has made a mission to save water by promoting rain water harvesting and recycling rain water.
5. It costs as little as Rs. 1700 to sponsor the Green India project. This includes the cost of a 6 feet tree guard, a three year old sapling, with fixing and watering charges.
6. Corporate players  can have a one kilometre stretch of road planted with 200 trees for only Rs 3,40,000.
7. All donations to Green India project get the 80G benefit under Income tax (through Mahavir International Foundation Trust).

A small step will go a long way to make it a green world !
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