Secretary General Says

Vir Dr. Vinay Sharma

Mahavir International is a Non-Religious Social Service Organization. It was started four decades ago on 4th July 1975, in Jaipur (Rajasthan), by a few like-minded senior bureaucrats and businessmen, who were social service oriented. The idea was to have a platform through which an organization can propagate the principles of Lord Mahavir, mainly non-violence and provide solace and relief to all under privileged living beings. Education, Health care, Environment were some of the focus areas.

In 1975, most of social services Organisations were from overseas and there were hardly any good 'Make in India' Service Organisation located in India. Keeping that in mind M.I. was established. Since then, we have spread far and wide and blossomed into a renowned organization with over 400+ centres involved in a varied range of service activities.

We have 7 Flagship projects at the national level.
a) Environment: Green & Clean India
b) Health and Medical services with special emphasis on Eye Care.
c) Child Care and Baby Kits Distribution
d) Women Empowerment
e) Blood Donation and Organ Donation
f) Child Education & Skill Development
g) Pregnancy to Infancy

Apart from the above, another 45 other projects are functioning, as per need of the place and time.

Our Request
Considering the kind of Projects we are undertaking for social change, we look forward for the financial support from Corporates and other donors including members.

We request you to whole heartedly supporters our community activities from corporate CSR funds and share of individual earnings and encouraging us to do more help to underprivileged.

Together we can bring smile on many faces.