International President’s Message

Vir S.K. Jain

If you have opened the website, I notice, you have soft corner towards a social services organization.  Request to read it till end.

Mahavir International (MI) is a 44 years old NGO dedicated on principles of Lord Mahavir “LOVE ALL SERVE ALL” and “LIVE AND LET LIVE”.  This is an organization without any religion and believe only in service to all, the living beings who are suffering.

Mahavir International (MI) is having over 400 centers operating all over India and in Thailand.  It has own hospitals at many places, significant is Delhi, Faridabad where seven hospitals are operating with a particular stress on eye care.

All over India large number of medical camps are organized for human as well as animals, birds, etc.   Large number of calipers, tricycles, hearing aids are provided every year.
Another national project is “Green and Clean India”, where we do lots of plantation and provide clean water.

Next but very important project is child health care.  Main activity is distribution of baby kits to newly born child.   Eye check-up of kids in Schools.

We have other project of Blood donation, Organ donation, large number of blood and eye donations are being done.

Apart from above, we do various projects of skill development, women empowerment and different projects at various locations as per need of the area.

Beautiful lines by StereMaraboli “Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, care for the ill, love your enemies and do unto others as you would have done unto you”.

I appeal to all readers to join us & also donate for the cause of environment, children and for those who are special and ill living beings.

Thanks in anticipation.
Vir S.K. Jain,
International President-Mahavir International,
IPS (Retd)