Roko Thalassemia

Thalassemia is all about healthy youngsters. Thalassemiais an inherited Genetic blood disorder in which patient cannot make enough red blood cells and he/she needs blood transfusion every 2-3 weeks.There is nothing wrong with being a Thalassemia Minor but there is everything wrong in not knowing that you are a Thalassemia Minor.

50 million (5 crore) people of India (4% of total population)

Cyprus, Spain & Italy are the countries who have fully eradicated thalassemia from them.

What are the Indian challenges?
• Large population
• Multiple religious groups
• Multiple languages
• Different income levels
• Different levels of literacy

Mahavir International
• Creates awareness about Thalassemia Major.
• Provide screening facility for Thalassemia Minor.
• Provide genetic counselling to Thalassemia Minor.
Stop thalassemia, A simple test can help save your chid form lifetime suffering.


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