A Non Religious Social Service Organisation.

Procedure of opening new centers

  • 1. To open new center efforts can be made by one or more members.

  • 2. To open new center it will be better if members take help of center office bearer and send information/ proposal through zone chairman to the apex for permission.

  • 3. To start new center member call a small meeting of proposed members of the new center those members should be devoted to the principal of Mahavir International.

  • 4. In the meeting aim and objectives of Mahavir International are discussed and they give presentation of various social work carried out by the various centers of MI.

  • 5. Discuss information of all existing centers of MI all over India and their office bearer of MI.

  • 6. After an agreement of the members, to open new center, a minimum of 15 members are mandatory and they create an adhoc committee at the same time.

  • 7. Then take permission from apex secretariat for opening new center. They give suggestion to the nominated chairman to get the election done for the chairman and directors of the center and organize Oath Ceremony.

  • 8. Enroll at least 15 members and send list thereof to the apex secretariat and concerned zone chairman from time to time.

  • 9. Any meeting at center level is started with the Mahavir Prayer and is concluded with the National Anthem.

  • 10. Please ensure the center should organize meeting at least once in a month.

  • 11. When center organizes any meeting it ensures that Banner of the center is be placed in the room and they discuss about the various projects to be executed in future.

  • 12. Always keep the apex body and the concerned Zone Chairman informed of the activities carried out by the concerning centers from time to time and submit such month , annual and periodical returns as may be desired by the apex body

The obligation of each new center shall be as follows

  • 1. To hold regular meetings at-least once in a month

  • 2. To enforce good attendance in every meeting

  • 3. To carry out activities

  • 4. To submit reports timely

  • 5. To elect board of Directors every second year, which shall expire with the tenure of the apex body

  • 6. To collect from each members monthly or annual subscriptions.

  • 7. To explore , preserve and enhance the image of Mahavir International.

Payments to be made by New Members

A. Deposit Rs. 100 per Member in Mahavir International Apex.

B. Deposit Rs. 600 per Member in Mahavir International Foundation Trust.

Payments to be made by Old Members

A. Deposit Rs. 100 per Member in Mahavir International Apex.

B. Deposit Rs. 400 per Member in Mahavir International Foundation Trust.

Payments to be made by NRI/Foreigner Member:

First year deposit 10 US Dollars + 25 US Dollars. In subsequent years deposit 25 US Dollars.

Virtual Member

Anyone who is not Member of any Center and is staying at a place where there is no Mahavir International Center and wants tocontribute in Social work. He can become life time Member by Paying Rs. 6,000/- (Rs. 5,000/- M.I. Foundation Trustand Rs. 1,000/- in M.I. Apex Account)

Details of Bank Accounts

Mahavir International Foundation Trust Saving Account No. 61062861475
Mahavir International Apex Saving Account No. 61085014726
IFS Code : SBIN0031033,
State Bank of India, Tilak Nagar Branch, Jaipur

Mahavir International Foundation Trust

Every member of Mahavir International can give money in Corps Fund. It is given in two categories:-
A. Mahavir International Fellow (MIF) – Rs. 50,000/-
B. Mahavir International Diamond Patron (MIDP) Rs. – 11 Lakh
C. Mahavir International Gold Patron Fellow (MIGF) – 3 Lakh

Important Awards received by Mahavir International

Global Excellence Award given by World CSR Congress :- In NGO Category

This award was given in Mumbai in presence of over 100 CSR Delegates from Abroad and more than 500 CSR head of Industrial houses from India. A Certificate of merit was also given along with this award

Achraya Shri Nanesh Jan Seva award

This award was given in the 52 Annual function of Shri Akhil Bhartiya Sadhu Margi Jain Sangh in Bangalore for service to humanity Rs. 2 Lakh Cheque was presented along with the award citation

Certificate of Excellence awarded by Golden Book of World Records

(i) Largest Human Depiction of Disability Symbol.
(ii) Largest Skill Development Workshop of mentally retarded people.
(iii) Largest Spectacles Distributions.

Closing Note

The advent and continued working of Mahavir International is a powerful medium of social change, which emerged in response to and also as solution to the increasing need for citizens totake concrete action for social causes. When several people take action in the same direction, their diverse backgrounds and experiences are combined and makes it possibleto step out from conventional patterns of answers, to make a difference.

It is an opportune time for Mahavir International to spread out in various new areas and take up new challenges, with exemplary will power. Therefore, please come forwardand make this mammoth movement vibrant with your whole hearted participation in its endeavor. Please do not forget that your self-confidence today is based on theprecious legacy of the noble value system of India. Therefore, please come forward to be a part of Mahavir International, and try to identify your role in it. This will alsoenable you to repay your debt to the Indian society, through your service on the prestigious platform of Mahavir International.