A Non Religious Social Service Organisation.

Mahavir International has taken up several projects of Community Importance.
सेवा ही धर्म हे and Seva to the Community is the main motto of Mahavir International

Beneficiaries As on Date : Nos 15510523.000

About The Projects

We have 9 Flagship projects at the national level and each of the Projects is headed by experienced and committed Members of the Governing Body of Mahavir International. The Projects are aimed at generating awareness of the society of some specific  problems that we face in our day to day lives and how to overcome them. Mahavir International also reacts to new problems that come up like Covid and Post Covid phenomena and works on dealing with them.

The focus of these projects shall always be on

  1. Some specific target group of Beneficiaries.
  2. Constant reporting and evaluation of the Projects.
  3. Follow up action on the actual beneficiaries for continued support till the problem is resolved or settled.
  4. Providing of tangible benefits to the targeted beneficiaries.
  5. An action plan to reach the beneficiaries.
  6. Allocation of Funds for the execution of the Action plan.

Our Projects

Medical & Health Services

General Health and well being of each individual leads to a general health and well being of the nation. Efforts made on maintaining good health will directly result in lesser efforts to be made on medical services.

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Environment Protection and Other Services

Clean and Green Environment can lead to a healthy life and prevent pandemic like situations.

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Information Technology (IT Cell)

Information Technology is the power house of any organisation

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Women & Child welfare "VATSALYA"

The untapped skillsets of women are the vast resources that can be channelled for the Growth of the Indian Society. An empowered woman not only brings stability to the family, but also is the foundation for its development and growth.

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Centre & Membership Development

Growth is essentional to any organisation. To achieve this, a special cell has been created under the able leadership

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Education & Skill Development

Imparting various skills to various under privileged students can lead to generation of huge employment opportunities for many

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Youth Development

Youth Development is a new area on which the organisation is focussing wherein the energies of the youth can be channelised .

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Media & Publicity

It is just not enough to do the job, but is also necessary that this capability reaches the other needy persons also.

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CSR & External Resource Mobilization

For serving the community, funds are needed, and this can be achieved by tapping the resources available

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