A Non Religious Social Service Organisation.
Child Care and Baby Kits Distribution
Babies are the future of India and a healthy baby today will lead to a healthy nation Tomorrow

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Project Incharge

Vira Dr. Rashmi Saraswat

(Int'l Director)
Mobile no +91 9460986342

Vira Dr. Rashmi Saraswat

Dr Rashmi Saraswat is a homoeopathic physician and social activist. She has been working with Mahavir International for 16 years now and is the Founder Chairperson of MI Vasudha, and Director of Medical Health Services of MI Vibrant Vira Jaipur.

Dr Rashmi runs various women and child welfare schemes. Vatsalya, Yashoda Pariyojna and Garima are a few of them. She also provides her services in charitable hospitals and medical camps for the needy.

Furthermore, she also runs a women empowerment and skill development project for women belonging to the economic and socially backward section of the society. This has helped countless women to become financially independent.

About The Project

The Baby Kit project had very humble beginnings. Startling revelations related to infant mortality and infant illness due to unhygenic infant clothes motivated members of Mahavir International Indore to start the Baby Kit Project way back in 2001. It was observed that women from rural and illiterate backgrounds were coming to the maternity hospital and wrapping their new born infants in tattered dirty clothes or their own "Odhnis".

So our zealous members took it upon themselves to help save the lives of these underprivileged infants by providing the government maternity hospitals with baby kits (containing sets of vests, nappies, caps, bed sheets and baby covering sheets). They enthusiastically went about collecting old newspapers and magazines from homes and used the sales proceeds to fund baby kits for new born infants.

Our Vira members visit the maternity hospitals at regular intervals and meet the doctors and nursing staff and ensure that our baby kits are distributed to all the needy mothers for their new born chid. Many a time nutritious food and fruits are also distributed to supplement the mother’s nutrition.

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