A Non Religious Social Service Organisation.

A Non Religious Social Service Organisation.

International President's Message

Mahavir International (MI) is a 45 years old NGO dedicated on principles of Lord Mahavir “LOVE ALL SERVE ALL” and “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. This is an organization without any religion and believes only in service to all, the living beings who are suffering.

MI has over 400 centres spread all over India. It has 15,000 Vir and Vira (male and female) members. We organise various types of need based activities. Many medical camps for persons and animals are organized. In our camps for handicapped persons -Viklang camps, we arrange for the fitting of callipers, and distribute Tricycles and hearing aids etc.

At many centres, we offer operation facilities from our own establishments. To name a few, we have 6 hospitals in Delhi, one in Alwar, Faridabad, Nagaur, Nagpur,Ludhiana, Dungarpur, Jaipur etc.

All members are dedicated and service oriented. They take a lead in organizing service projects and give their time and money for the cause.

We also get funds from corporate, business people, and others. Most people appreciate our work and know that the money is being used for the right purpose and gives a multifold outcome. Our donors can avail 80G exemption for Income Tax purposes.

We have created a Corpus fund in our Foundation Trust, where we collect funds by way of higher level of membership - Diamond Patron members with a contribution of Rs.11 lacs, Gold Patron members with a contribution of Rs. 3 Lacs and MIF (Mahavir International Fellow) for Rs. 50,000. The bank interest from this corpus account is spent on service activities.

Our Request Considering the kind of Projects we are undertaking for social change, we look forward for the financial support from Corporates and other donors including members.

We request you to whole heartedly supporters our community activities from corporate CSR funds and share of individual earnings and encouraging.

International President

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